Projek Membisaikan Sekolah: Day 2

Posted by CoConuT | Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today’s main focus was on the Pondok Ceria and staff car park area. Some teachers brought in more brushes and Cg. Huda also brought some paints to be used on the Pondok Ceria. Pupils helped in painting the stones which we will use later. We also planned to use bamboo poles for the fencing.

        .Pupils helped in painting the stones.140720097653

.Cg. Waridi showing Amal how its done.14072009766

.Seen here Safwan organising the pupils.14072009767

 .Cg. Salleh pours some paint for the pupils.14072009768

.Paint sponsored by Cg. Huda.14072009771

.One of the stones to be painted.14072009774

.Cg. Waridi hard at work.14072009775

.Bamboo used for the fence.14072009776

.Rough idea for the gerbang.Copyright SRPP/09

.Some ideas for the fencing.14072009777

After today, it will be a race to finish this project. Judgement day will be on August 10th, so keep it up teachers! SRPP’09